Claims Administration Staff Training Package

Get the paperwork right. Qualified staff means less problems, fewer questions, & saved money. Sales managers can stick to sales. Save money from preventing rejected or missed claims. Prevent audit penalties.


  • Empowers staff to handle claims problems without management help

  • Creates faster work time, potentially fewer staff

  • Prepares the dealership in case of a Ford audit

  • Prevent lost monies from claims

  • Lessens stress for administrative staff and management

  • Lessens work for administrative staff and management

  • Prevents embarassing calls to a customer to return to sign paperwork

Training can be passed on to other staff indefinitely!

All in Only Five Days! Plus Your Choice of Follow-Up Packages

How to:

  • Get tough claims paid
  • Speed up claim entry
  • Use SMART VINCENT - to prevent mistakes, and the program's limitations
  • Improve communication with sales consultants
  • Be prepared for an Incentive Audit
  • Avoid calling a customer to return to sign papers
  • Use the C&I Guide